The importance of home and workshop

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Companies become truly great when they know how to grow and progress in a healthy, family-friendly atmosphere.

The history of Tuttomobili can only be read in an album of photographs and memories, or by listening to it being told by its protagonists over lunch on a festive day in the hills around Talacchio di Vallefoglia, about halfway between Pesaro and Urbino. A family that listens much more than it speaks and that knows how to narrate with practical intelligence, with their own hands, with experience, with ideas and with a genuine love for their work.

It was at the end of the 1970s that Vittorio Fratesi laid the artisanal foundations that would later lead to the establishment of a solid group of five industrial entities that today form a 360° panorama around the world of furniture, timeless design and furnishing accessories. A task which, for the last twenty years, has been entrusted to Fabrizia and Federico, respectful heirs of the furrow traced by their father, who grew up in the company and hold a broad, creative, agile and international strategic vision.

3 production

30,000 square metres
of surface area

90,000 kw/h/year
from photovoltaics

The processing of polyurethane materials is the 'trait d'union' of a holding company that has been able to reinvent the production and marketing of furniture on international markets.

Tuttomobili is part of the Nuova Esterno Mobili industrial group based in Talacchio. Four brands for four neighbouring factories, autonomous and perfectly complementary, which have chosen polyurethane as the raw material to express the concept and appeal of a piece of furniture that knows how to respect the best traditions and speak the most daring languages. In just a few steps you can reach the Management, the administrative and technical offices, the warehouse with semi-finished products, production unit 1 and the showroom, in a total area of about 16,000 m².

Nuova Esterno Mobili specialises in polyurethane raw materials and semi-finished products for furniture (headboards, footboards, mirrors, panels, accessories, handles, hinges and paints).

Delta is the technology centre for research, design and moulding of technical and design components, motifs and ornaments, strictly produced in structural polyurethane.

Tuttomobili is the core for the proposal in the living and sleeping areas. Bedrooms, living rooms and accessories in classic and modern styles, always with a focus on customisation.

Fabelli is the alter ego of Tuttomobili for the North American and British markets, with entirely Italian production, attentive to innovative aspects, quality of materials, the best design and the stylistic requirements peculiar to the Anglo-Saxon world.

Kitaly was founded in 2019 in the heart of the Pesaro furniture district and immediately became active in the flourishing market of made-in-Italy design, producing functional living and wardrobe furniture suitable for various living contexts.


Competitiveness, flexibility, respect and availability

Tuttomobili moves with ease from retail production to the large-scale retail sector in Italy and abroad.

Tuttomobili interprets every need. The ability to produce while always seeking the satisfaction of each customer is a fundamental rule of the company. Total reliability, a very wide and heterogeneous product range, an active and rapid production structure, and an efficient sales network facilitate the success of any partnership in the large-scale retail sector.


Accessibility, confidentiality and spontaneity of ownership

These are the first signs of a welcoming, sincere and typically local production vocation.
Tuttomobili is first and foremost openness: scrupulous attention that starts with the correct interpretation of each customer's needs and the most immediate resolution of every problem in the design, manufacturing and distribution phases.

The concept of Made in Italy is one of honesty and openness to all situations: Tuttomobili proposes an Italian style, but also crosses paths, cultures and trends, always revisited under the supervision of exquisitely Italian craftsmanship, taste and knowledge.
Classicism, ethnicism and modern trends completely designed and manufactured in Italy guarantee a production that is rigorously cared for down to the smallest detail, a guaranteed durability and a harmonious relationship between quality and price.


Those who visit Tuttomobili, meet and greet the owners, without mediation and distancing formalities

A modern and dynamic approach, and a value that has given the company a profound and empathetic dialogue with all its most influential customers and suppliers.
To understand Tuttomobili's Made in Italy even better, we need to use images that indicate superior authenticity and strong geographical roots.

We could say that the most surprisingly strategic aspect is the creation of a 'Zero Kilometre' production and partnership network.

A fellowship that allows us to guarantee, as well as the highest standards, 'limited editions' in real time. When necessary, the innovation of 'Made in Italy' is transformed into 100% 'Made in Pesaro', offering a handicraft contribution of yesteryear.


Human respect is one with environmental respect, exercised consciously and responsibly

Tuttomobili was born in a geographical area full of history, art and landscapes to be preserved.

A fully efficient photovoltaic system, the production of safe polyurethane panels and materials (E 1), strict attention to avoid waste of any kind and to dispose of them according to the strictest protocols, a return to a strongly localised and territorial production that promotes work and takes care of its resources, also characterise Tuttomobili from an ethical point of view.



Vision ready for technology-intensive future scenarios

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Tuttomobili produces furniture that has already outgrown wood as a raw material, and has a strong orientation towards innovation, the search for alternative production systems and an ever-renewed ability to push the envelope.

Their freshness, dynamism and constant desire to improve and surpass themselves make Fabrizia and Federico Fratesi two entrepreneurs in step with the times, attentive to progress, and to clean forms of innovation capable of creating benefits for the community in all respects.

A continuous and effervescent motion made up of healthy ambitions and a tendency towards growth for the well-being of those who live in the company (and the group), for those who have business relationships and for those who furnish their homes with the certainty of having a night or living product that is the result of know-how, meticulous design development and an accent of absolute novelty.

Tuttomobili's frequent participation in the most important trade fairs in the sector is an opportunity for discussion, exploration and 'nourishment' that has always enabled the group to broaden its knowledge and always look beyond the usual, overcoming stereotypes, clichés and always questioning every process already taken for granted.