The importance of “home and workshop”

It is in a favorable atmosphere of family environment that companies can grow really well.

You may experience the history of Tuttomobili through a photo album with its family memoirs or listening to the anecdotes narrated by their protagonists during a luncheon on a festive day, immerged in the hills around Talacchio di Vallefoglia, approximately halfway between Pesaro and Urbino. A family who listens more than they talk and who knows how to recount their story using practical intelligence, their own hands, their experience, ideas and real passion for their work.
At the end of the 70ies Vittorio Fratesi lays the artisan basis for establishing subsequently a solid group of four industrial entities offering today a 360 degree panorama on the world of furniture with timeless design and accessories for decoration. In the last two decades Fabrizia and Federico who grew up in the Company follow their.

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The unmissable family photo

The processing of polyurethane materials are the trait d’union of a holding company which has been capable of reinventing the production and commercialization of furniture on international markets.

Tuttomobili is part of the industrial group Nuova Esterno Mobili based in Talacchio. Four brands, four neighbouring, autonomous and perfectly complementary plants, which chose polyurethane as raw material to express concept and appeal in a furniture able to respect the best traditions as well as the most audacious of languages.

The offices of the Management, of the Administration, the Technical Department, the Warehouse with its semi-finished products, the production facility no. 1 and the Showroom are all nearby and distributed on a surface of 16,000 square metres.


Nuova Esterno Mobili is specialized in raw materials and semi-finished polyurethane products for decoration (headboards, footboards, mirrors, panels, accessories, knobs, hinges and varnishes).


Delta is the Technology Centre for research, designing and moulding of technical components and design elements, motifs and ornaments, scrupulously produced in structural polyurethane.


Tuttomobili is the pulsing core for proposals in the living and sleeping area.
Bedrooms, living rooms, classic and modern style furnishings, always with particular attention to customizations.


Fabelli is Tuttomobili’s alter ego for UK and North America, offering 100% Italian production, focusing on innovation, quality of the materials, best design and stylistic peculiarities of the Anglo-Saxon countries.

The way we do business

Competitiveness, flexibility, respect and availability. Tuttomobili switches easily from production to details, to the large-scale distribution business in Italy and abroad.

Tuttomobili is interpreter of any request. The capacity to produce in order to satisfy each customer’s need is a fundamental principle of the company. The total reliability, the broad and heterogeneous product range, the active and fast production structure, an efficient commercial network, facilitate a successful partnership in the large-scale distribution.

Products “made in Italy” you can feel

Accessibility, confidentiality and spontaneity of the owners are the first signs of a welcoming and sincere, typically Italian management style.

First of all Tuttomobili stands for openness: a meticulous attention on a correct interpretation of each customer’s needs combined with an immediate problem solving capability during design, production and distributional stages. The “Made in Italy” concept means integrity and availability in any situation: Tuttomobili doesn’t just propose an Italian style, but represents a crossroad of culture and trends, reinterpreted under the supervision of purely Italian mastery, taste and skills. Classicism, ethnic and modern trends completely designed and realized in Italy guarantee a state-of-the-art production, a long-lasting durability and a proper value for money balance.

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Friendly and trustworthy with everybody

When visiting Tuttomobili you’ll have an easy and non filtered access to the owners without any separating ceremony. This modern and dynamic approach is a value that enables a profound and empathic dialogue with all customers and the most authoritative suppliers.

To understand even better the concept of Tuttomobili’s “Made in Italy” we have to use concepts that indicate a greater authenticity and a deeply rooted territorial presence. We can say that the most surprising strategic aspect is the production and partnership network based exclusively on local contacts. This merging allows to guarantee best standard and a just-in-time delivery even of the “limited editions”. This is how “Made in Italy” at Tuttomobili becomes 100% “Made in Pesaro”, offering a handicraft contribution of past times.

Closely linked with the territory
and with an approach to sustainability

Tuttomobili is located in a territory filled with history, art and landscape that has to be safeguarded. Human respect is intrinsically tied to the environmental respect, both performed responsibly and consciously.

A completely efficient photovoltaic system, our FSC certification, the production of safe polyurethane panels and materials (E 1), the rigorous attention on avoiding waste of any kind and disposing all materials following the most strict protocols, a return to a strongly local and territorially based production which promotes work and takes care of the proper resources do characterize Tuttomobili also from an ethic point of view.

A ready-to-go vision for future scenarios

with a cutting-edge technological content

Tuttomobili produces furniture that already outperformed wood as raw material and is outstandingly orientated versus innovation, the research of alternative production systems and a continuously renewed attitude to go further.

Fabrizia and Federico are modern entrepreneurs with a freshness, vitality and the passion for a constant improvement, oriented on progress and clean innovation, able to create advantages for the community in every respect. A constant and vibrant movement of sound ambitions and a steady growth trend for the welfare of the employees (and the Holding), of the business relations, of the customers being certain of receiving a product for the sleeping or living areas which is the result of know-how, meticulous project development and a hint of ultimate novelty.
The very frequent participation of Tuttomobili at the most important trade fairs is an occasion for an exchange of opinions, for an exploration and for “nourishment” that allows the Holding to enlarge its knowledge and to look always beyond the customs, overcoming stereotypes, cliché and questioning each process even if already attained.

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